“Some people turn sad awfully young. No special reason, it seems, but they seem almost to be born that way. They bruise easier, tire faster, cry quicker, remember longer and, as I say, get sadder younger than anyone else in the world. I know, for I’m one of them.” — Ray Bradbury

Through Ryu’s Lens: Messi lifts Barça, PSG bows out

Fingernails were bitten, but the Camp Nou crowd saw their side edge another excellent performance from PSG. Barça were second best until Lionel Messi came on and despite playing at 60% or so due to an injury, the Argentine led the Catalans into the back of the net. Ryu was in Barcelona to see the mighty Zlatan go silent as Pedro stole the show.

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Through Ryu’s Lens: Paris rises against Barça’s best

The main complaint about football in major European capitals (London aside) is that the size of the city prevents any sort of the tribal passion you’ll find in the smaller communities and villages from developing. Well, tonight was different. Paris became united through Paris St. Germain’s rebellious performance against Barcelona. After the Champions League match, PSG midfielder Blaise Matuidi said: “We’re happy with what we produced against the best team in the world. We showed Paris could be great.”

Ryu was in the French capital to see Thiago Silva, Zlatan, and company put in a memorable performance against Messi and his new tattoo that looks like it’s inspired by The Walking Dead. [You can interact with Ryu on twitter @Toksuede and check his Flickr. Posted by Eric.]

FC Barcelona 4x0 AC Milan

So, that’s how you create history. Get the best player in the world to score two remarkable goals before the break and ruthlessly turn the screw in the second half. The Catalans made overturning a two-goal deficit look easy. It was, at times, as if they were playing white-shirted ghosts.
BBC, on Barcelona’s 4-0 win against AC Milan (via tekaihau)

The official poster for the 2014 World Cup, animated by our man Dale con Comba


The official poster for the 2014 World Cup, animated by our man Dale con Comba

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Two dogs run onto the field in a Galatasaray friendly match against Ahlen.

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Jozy plays on

Jozy Altidore was abused with ‘monkey chants’ during AZ Alkmaar’s match by some FC Den Bosch supporters. The game was temporarily suspended for the chants and ice balls being thrown at linesmen but Jozy let it be known that he wanted to continue the game. The match resumed with the American international leading AZ Alkmaar to a 5-0 win. 

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“Never thought I’d play for Barcelona. Never thought I’d win the champions league. Never thought I’d be a coach. Never thought I’d win a championship.”